Are you Hiring? Resume Malware Trying to Get to You!

SCMagazine has the story “Hiring? New scam campaign means ‘resume’ downloads may contain malware” “Requiring the victim to copy and paste the malicious domain name increases the likelihood the emails will make it past secure email gateways. Plus, with unassuming domain names like “wlynch[.]com” for a candidate named William Lynch and “annetterawlings[.]com” for a candidate … Read more

How to Defend Against AI Spam Email?

So have you been assuming all spam to have spelling mistakes? Or just bad grammar? What if the email has impeccable grammar? How to defend against the bad guys using AI in their spam emails? NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) has a definition of phishing: Phishing Definition: ”  A technique for attempting … Read more