WAGO Controllers Vulnerable to Remote Command Execution

Several types of WAGO Controllers (I/O) have RCE vulnerabilities according to OneKey    got the info from CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) Here is the list from CERT: Article No° Product Name Affected Version(s) 751-9301 Compact Controller CC100 FW20 <= FW22 751-9301 Compact Controller CC100 = FW23 752-8303/8000-002 Edge Controller = FW22 750-81xx/xxx-xxx PFC100 FW20 … Read more

AI Can Be Dangerous For Cyberdefense or Privacy

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword which means many things in the spectrum of computerized or automated instructions.  There is machine learning neural logic and more, but let’s ask a GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) or https://martech.zone/acronym/gpt/ I asked you.com (a GPT AI site about types of Artifical Intelligence) Answer: There are several ways … Read more