When SonicWall Gets Hacked What Chance Do You Have?

SC Magazine has the story – “SonicWall network attacked via zero day in its secure access solution”. Here is the formal SonicWall statement once they were notified by SC Media: SonicWall, whose product line includes firewalls; network security and access solutions; and email, cloud and endpoint security solutions acknowledged that an incident took place in a company … Read more

SolarWinds Hackers Hacked Multi-factor Authentication!!

Wait a second … I thought that MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) was set up to prevent some attacks? The Googleblog post from a couple of years ago: Security Google blog had some data that proved the efficacy of MFA in this image: So MFA (or 2FA Two Factor Authentication) does prevent a number of potential attacks. … Read more

Book Coming Soon Cybersecurity for Small businesses

Free Laptop webcam cover with signup to email list* The Book is for small business owners and others which wish to shore up their Cybersecurity Cybersecurity needs to get a “vaccine shot” Currently we have 70% maximum doing right thing Another reason attacks are getting worse We need a new shift in thinking to make … Read more