Security Psychology – or Risk Gambler?

  The human factor is always underappreciated in helping decide on what can be done with our Computer Security. “Security Mental Model: Cognitive map approach” Tahani Albalawi, Kambiz Ghanzinour and Austin Melton paper: The computer security community has developed formal methods for providing security properties to systems and organizations. However, the human role has often … Read more

Small Business IT is Failing in Cybersecurity

Ransomware hitting the unsuspecting small business that does not have all the Security pieces in place(SCMedia story:” Here are the most common ways businesses get compromised by ransomware“. Darkreading has a story:”Manufacturing Sees rising Ransomware Threat” What is considered a ‘small business’ ? The SBA considers several criteria (how many employees – less than 500) … Read more

Criminal Hackers Attacking Hospitals Using Ransomware

If you know how to search – the keywords are important, then you will find other interesting bits of information. Talos Blogpost:  Cisco Talos Advisory on Adversaries Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Use keywords:  Indicators of Compromise – and cobalt strike. Because interesting to note cobalt strike is a tool that the bad … Read more