Compliance vs Framework

Is it better to focus on compliance or a on a framework system? I.e. PCI or HIPAA compliance versus ITIL or COBIT for example. There are more regulations coming so let’s add a couple of the US based ones. SHIELD(Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security) and CCPA(California Consumer Privacy Act). SHIELD – Stop Hacks … Read more

Threat Hunting in Your Network

We should hunt for threats in our network – i.e. find possible attacks in our network to see what is being attacked and whether we  can start to counter the attacker’s moves. In case you don’t know below is the ATT&CK MITRE framework green highlights are the items you may want to pay attention to. … Read more

Happy 4th of July Holiday!!

Kalo Mina = Have a good month in Greek. So remember to do some major backups on Holidays (always good to at least do 2 major backups per year.  I like to do them on holidays like the 4th of July and Christmas for example. So before watching the fireworks and more – do a … Read more

What is Threat Landscape Now?2019-July?

What kind of bad things are going on today on the Internet?   Have you heard of formjacking, cryptojacking, and ransomware? Formjacking is where a retailer’s credit card “form” was hacked by criminals and the credit card information is sent to the criminal as well as or instead of the vendor you are expecting to … Read more