Doing the Basics Would Have Saved You

A new Zero-Day attack is out available for attackers. this attack was discussed in the SANS website Internet Storm Center: SMBLoris – the new SMB flaw The article was written from reviewing a Threatpost article, but was ultimately triggered because of the DEFCon 2017 presentation:   Notice the arrows on right with memory usage on … Read more

What Worked In the Past May Not Work Soon

We are always enthralled with technology and how it changes the status quo, but we also need to be aware of tactics that use technology may need to get updated. In 2017 we are obsessing over online sales and how the smart phone is changing our world.  Now there are grumblings over automated cars and … Read more

Cybersecurity: Challenging Onerous Tough

  Overview of Cybersecurity challenges : David Kennedy is in the above youtube video first 25 min and he has a good overview of where we are in Cybersecurity, a single employee can take down your company. It is not just the technical details, but also includes people learning best practices to defend from hacking … Read more

Disaster Recovery – Backups – also a Cybersecurity must

Why discuss backups and Disaster Recovery on a Cybersecurity topic? Because what is the worst thing that can happen to your  computer data? Oh yes ransomware will encrypt data and the only way to unencrypt is to pay the criminals. Of course there is no guarantee that after you pay the criminals the unencryption will … Read more

The Old FUD – Fear Uncertainty Doubt

The FUD techniques are certain to come up again and again as they are effective (to a degree). FUD is a marketing technique to sow fear into cost conscious customers that are thinking of going to a competitor. Pushing safety in numbers and other uncertainty creates FUD in the mind of potential customers. Thus it … Read more