What are the top 5 thoughts to keep in mind?

I was watching Feynman videos and saw this unique   list (10 times Feynman blew our minds) that has insight into what we should focus in Cybersecurity as well. I wanted to distill this video into 5 top items and relate them to Cybersecurity. #5 Asking How Things Work Can Start You on a path of … Read more

The Weak Link Gets Stressed

I’m always looking for more attack angles into the network. What is the weakest link? To know the answer to the question we need to investigate what Risk = likelihood * impact is in our organization. It is more exciting to talk about higher productivity, faster computers, and sales of product xyz.  But a weak … Read more

Cyberjoke Friday v1.99 Easter 2017 Edition

image from Small Business Trends online site Yes on Holidays I like to do things that are not done weekly or monthly – like backups, and shred old documents etc. And now for the jokes: An Attempt by ESPI Blog to explain Easter Eggs (software) with 1st Easter Egg: Some Easter eggs are hidden, so are … Read more

Why Spend Time On Cybersecurity?

Security does not add value to the company, people, or product.  Why is Cybersecurity important? As our lives become more connected (not less). Our communications are on the Internet, our phone conversations are on the Internet, our devices that we keep on us and we depend on for business and pleasure have to connect to … Read more

Hacking, is it Like a Recipe?

One thing we do know that Hackers are very successful in hacking overall. We don’t really know how they do it? But the headlines say it all: “Yahoo says 500 Million Accounts Stolen” If you study the image above (a bubble representation of all hacked entities) from the website www.informationisbeautiful.net You see Yahoo actually with … Read more