Artificial Intelligence And Criminals, Anything Wrong With This?

  A form of Criminal AI is happening now. Botnets have a certain amount of intelligence,  Criminal hackers are  using sophisticated botnets to perform their functions on the Internet.  I want to assert that the precursor to AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been the various programs hackers have developed in the near past. To truly assess … Read more

Cybersecurity, Solved in 1 hour? Nope takes at least 1 Season..

Yes we are a nation of television watchers and expect everything to be solved quickly, since all TV shows end in 1 hour. In the online book (in of “Television and Politics” The problems solved in our shows apparently are remembered with ‘calls for action’ are the ones solved by individuals. So maybe after … Read more

Email at Yahoo? You were hacked! Will be Phished!!

Yes we know yahoo had millions of email addresses hacked or rather the email address password database was stolen by an ingenious hacker.   Also according to this story(TechCrunch) the full disclosure over several years is 1 Billion email addresses and passwords were stolen Updated 3/14  later in day:  also keep in mind if you … Read more

Criminal Ransomware Marketing Campaign Makes it Easy

Krebs On Security has a scoop his Blog Post one slick professional video advertisement for selling Ransomware technology. (Above images are from a video Brian Krebs found that shows off Ransomware software you can purchase) In case you were wondering what it takes to create Ransomware, the video that Brian Krebs found makes it obvious that … Read more