What Cybersecurity Methods to Use?

A lot of Cybersecurity was discussed at RSA Conference videos this year. Let’s start with Global Healthsecurity Roadmap: Notice the major vendors being used by many an Enterprise for different parts of the architecture: Including Network, App/Data, IAM(Infrastructure Access Management), Endpoint, and monitoring/analysis Or about NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Of course … Read more

RSA Conference 2017 Notes

Yes many videos from RSA Conference in San Francisco, also Twitter posts with hashtags:  #RSAC2017, #RSAC, and #rsaconference So these are my Cybersecurity focused thoughts on RSA conference ending today(02/17/17): Top 7 new attack vectors (from SANS team youtube): Ransomware IoT as attack platform Ransomware on IoT ICS attacks more sophisticated random number generators cause … Read more

What Are The Cybersecurity Top-10?

There is only so much time to work on anything. And Cybersecurity is not any different, it requires a focus of IT Management (and Cybersecurity specifically)   As far as Cybersecurity goes, what is it that we all must know and understand thoroughly? Ransomware defense, IT basics such as test your backup (this means you … Read more

Start Your Compliance with Minimum Standards

If we had to start somewhere in computer security (or Cybersecurity) what should be done? First: start with performing minimum compliance standards (this objective also doubles as a documentation of compliance) Second:  Improve security by spending some time on Cybersecurity (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure) Third: Integrate Governance Risk Compliance … Read more