Using Yahoo Email? Should You Notify Customers that Your Email is Breached?

Everyone listening to the news should know by now that Yahoo’s email service has been hacked.   CBSNews story: {Yahoo Confirms Massive hack of 500 million accounts, blames “state actor”} In Yahoo’s terms of services section DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: 19. b. YAHOO AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, PARTNERS AND LICENSORS MAKE NO WARRANTY … Read more

Windows Good, Bad, and Ugly Security News

There are some interesting Windows News in case you did not notice: The Good is an instance where Microsoft is reworking their Operating System(for WIndows10) and adding an Anti Malware Security Software called AMSI (AntiMalware Scan Interface) The Good: Script Based Attacks in Windows 10’s AMSI – Anti Malware Scan Interface has been developed.  And … Read more

What is your Budget in Preventing Unforeseen Attacks?

What if your data is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or liability is in that neighborhood. Then Ransomware targets your data server and you pay $1000 to save hundred thousand (or more) – assuming of course that you do not have a proper backup in place. Why are you having this problem? Because apparently … Read more

Are You Safe From Hackers?

What does it take for us to get hacked? How safe are we really? What is your perception of computing? We _expect_ Google to run when we want it. This expectation supposes a functioning computer. So a desktop or tablet/phone must be running when we need it. Credit card processing must work when we want … Read more

Make Software Secure Now!

Just for fun I wanted to make the headline to be “Make Software Secure Again” But when was software secure? Never, as we assumed it was secure but actually SW was never tested and security problems started as people hacked software and thus it was never secure we were just ignorant or naive in the … Read more