Cyber Joke Friday v1.1 #Cybersecurity

A great Murphy’s law site on the Net: All murphy’s laws, but I want to focus on computers… and specifically Cybersecurity   Compiled the 6 of them on my top10…     First the only “security” mentions * Law of Anti-security The best way past a pesky security feature is a 13-year-old. * Lulled into Security … Read more

Prevent Malware Operation or Lose $100k

A 30-year old scrap processor was hoping not to be in a national Newspaper article about what not to do with your information security.   Some Nigerians set up malware on the unsuspecting Metals scrapper computers. So now the malware stole the email password and other email information.  Then the Nigerians did what all … Read more

Tora! Tora! Tora! Pearl Harbor in #Cyberspace

As we prepare for the next attack (also waiting for BlackHat2015) I remember the Pearl harbor movie: TORA!TORA!TORA!  1970 Classic Tora Tora Tora トラ・トラ・トラ means “We have achieved complete surprise” in Japanese codeword. A translation is Tiger.  Tora (Tορα) is translated to  “now” from Greek. Torah is the law in hebrew or better known as the … Read more

One Cyber Mistake Causes Problem$

All it takes is one patch is missed, One computer not taken care of. Computers must be patched so that Zero-day exploits have minimal affects.  We discussed this on July 20th Let’s review:   After a vulnerability is introduced, an exploit hits the “wild” and then the clock starts ticking, the attackers(criminal hackers) and defenders(software … Read more

Security Saves From Breach Affects

  I am always working on trying to explain how better security can save your company from headaches and certain disaster in the future. While also figuring out why people are just not paying attention to security in general. And as they say a picture says a thousand words. So lets discuss my little pie … Read more