Sony Hack Analysis

Wall Street Journal has a very good detailed story of what happened during the hack.  (May have to have a subscription to see the whole article) Besides the improvisation of he employees and management it is obvious to me: 1. There was no Disaster Recovery plan. 2. The erased contents of their servers meant … Read more

Will 2015 be the year of health record hacks?

 Which hospital chain will get hacked? Or should we ask which one will have the foresight to invest in security and prevent the hack? Only a matter of time … With the confluence of  mass scanning, criminal hackers, and now monetization of health records: Reuters story: “Security experts say cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the … Read more

2014 Review^2 – squared

I.e. 2014 review of the reviews: Start with a good one Securosis ” First, the news. This was the year of Target and Sony. Symantec finally breaking up. All sorts of wacky M&A. The year family members checked in for the first time in decades, after reading my quotes in articles with “celebrity nudes” in the … Read more

Christmas hacking – while you were out

Just a few items occurred while you were with Christmas activities: Playstation and XBOX Live networks were down by a DDOS attack. (Distributed Denial of Service) attributed to Lizard Squad. Playstation is part of Sony Electronics. And its store was not loading as of 01:47EST 12/26/14    as you can see So there are … Read more