New Google Security Dashboard

go to Threatpost has a good post  of the Security devices and Activities  link The most important part is reviewing your Google activity periodically and to reduce any app permissions if you no longer use them.   Also for administrators the secureaccount link: The review of online activity is a good aspect … Read more

On this Black friday

Make sure you have your antivirus software and other anti-malware software running while shopping.   Visit Sophos (including for Mac) and other companies Review our Security Analyzed page for the top 20 security feeds   be aware of all of the attacks… coming your way  

Sony hacked, held ransom, shut down – or not?

Is this a sign of things to come? story  The Guardians of Peace (#GOP) hacked Sony  Pictures   Some specific details are on  When one person downloaded the stolen files and they reviewed the contents: Email addresses (including the Guardians of Peace email addresses apparently) Files of internal Sony Financial reports.   But … Read more