JPMorgan Spent $250 mil dollars on security defense – still hacked.

In JPMorgan’s shareholder letter states on page 22. Ja,oe Dimon is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer By the end of 2014, we will have spent more than $250 million annually with approximately 1,000 people focused on the effort. This effort will continue to grow exponentially over the years. In our existing environment and at our company, … Read more

Microsoft says uninstall latest patch updates

Microsoft says MS14-045 some KB updates should be uninstalled due to crashes. ZDnet also describes an apparent flaw in KB2993651 Two of these (2970228 and 2975719) are among the updates withdrawn by Microsoft along with MS14-045. A reboot must be done after the Updates is uninstalled in the ‘Program and features’, installed updates section. So … Read more

How many scans are attacking the Internet?

The 23rd  USENIX  Security conference 8/20 – 8/22 2014 discussed  many subjects There is a specific paper about “An Internet-Wide View of Internet-Wide Scanning” by Zakir Durumeric University of Michigan, Michael Bailey University of Michigan and, J. Alex Halderman University of Michigan So that you do not have to fish the 13 pages out of the 1000 page main document … Read more

Google trying to reduce hacking

Wired story of “Project Zero” Although initially the story is a nice feel good story of hiring George Holtz after he hacks the AT&T iPhone lock and reverse engineering the Playstation 3.   This is a small window into the life of a hacker – where one can figure out the software security cracks and … Read more

Password changes – how to keep track of passwords

The Onion gives a joking reference as to how some choose their passwords.  Putting your livelihood in the ability of hackers to guess your favorite TV show is funny. Some in the security industry recommend passwords to be built with lots of special characters 8 digits long, upper and lower characters, even as that method … Read more