Windows2003 Servers Will Not be Patched After Jul

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 patches will not be created anymore after July of this year.

So what if it will take more than April, May, and June to Migrate all of your windows 2003 servers?


Sometimes a migration takes a lot longer than 3 months. If you are not thinking about the security implications of a Windows2003 server without patches starting July and August 2015, then it will be a long year for you.

Last year there were more attacks than ever, and they did not come in from the outside exclusively.


So if you think you have your Windows2003 server “inside” the firewalled network, you should remember the high amount of sophisticated malware that is being created by criminals all across the world.  the following link is just one type of financial malware (Vawtrack):

If you read the research that goes into finding what the malware does, it becomes apparent that the malware developers are very sophisticated, all it takes for this malware to get deposited into your machines once, then it will burrow itself, allowing the criminal hackers to accomplish their goals.


Most malware gets installed by spam (phishing email), but if not a watering hole attack could do the trick(Blogged about that yesterday).


How good is your antivirus?  What you need is an extra layer of defense – the Next gen firewall:

I’ve discussed the concept without talking specific products:




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