Blue tooth Credit Card skimmers and other skimmers steal $100k

There are also physical hacks – that can cause problems The Hacker News has an older post, and then we go down the list – pump skimmers, Bluetooth skimmer, and old fashioned ATM devices.



Fastcolabs has a video which shows where the skimmers are added (inside the pump stand – where the electronics are


That is the issue – one needs to have physical tests and reviews on all aspects of consumer access.


As has a story on an ATM  Credit card skimmer to steal $100k


What can you do? – require the places you frequent on whether they are testing their devices like a hacker would look at things.

Android Malware – iBanking steals passwords

This is a typical example how malware authors make money.

They sell their programs and have other people make the attacks on you.

RSA blogs has the story  – RSA is a security division of EMC company which has security encryption

RSA was one of the first practicable public-key cryptosystems and is widely used for secure data.


We recommend that you do not use SMS banking – as it is done over text.   You should not use such a weak encrypted method

Here the EFF recommends not to text over SMS anything you dont want others to see.

Gang of hackers infiltrated Navy, other government and AT&T Uverse

A gang of 3 hackers were caught and have now been charged with conspiring to hack government computers.

A Wired story discusses the different hacks that occured:

1.  gang is accused of using SQL-injection hacks and other methods to gain access to various systems including ones belonging to the U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

the most interesting point is how they went about doing it:

first a member scanned Internet websites for security vulnerabilities on protected computers, and especially to government, military and critical infrastructure sites.

Second they exploited the vulnerability by using SQL injection, and obtained the database schema.

Third, a member then saved the data

Fourth, upload the data to cloud storage websites – placing the data for public to see.

Fifth, they then claimed credit for the hack

Some websites were shutdown in order to fix the problems.

This is the court document on the Wired site.