Is Cloud Computing Secure?

Moving to the Cloud is important for the “next” level of IT in the board room(the Chief xO’s and directors…)

Browsera  all you need is a browser in “the cloud”


Why? Now we can have  computing at our desktops and mobile devices without the local infrastructure. We don’t need those specialist IT people (I know this as we helped in this endeavor for one client). All we need now is a desktop computer or a phone/tablet to access our applications (email, Internet browser) even a specialized application can run off the cloud if designed correctly (think Amazon Web Services –

So the title now comes into true focus. Are we secure in the cloud? Are we compliant to regulations?

PCI compliance has no detailed instruction in case you decide on a cloud configuration.

cloud_computing_hackers are lurking

Notice in our modified from original image at  The hackers do not see local computers or “cloud computers” they see your computer resources that they want, your data to be sold on the black(dark) market. As Brian Krebs has discussed many times.

The hacker cares nothing of where your data lives, they will hack it just the same and take it when they decide.

So you have put your jewels in the cloud and the cloud will take you where it does.

PCI compliance requires testing and verification no matter where your data and credit card data resides.


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