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As we get ready for 2016


From the  website (with additional Text “2016”).  It will look similar to the image above – maybe a different font for the numbers.

So before the new year is tomorrow and it is too late to make plans…

How should one improve the cybersecurity situation at your company?

Of course it depends on your company size and digital footprint, but in any case it is a good idea to set aside some time to figure out what Cyberrisk one has.



First have to “Assess Risk &  Determine Needs” .

You may be asking yourself : Why? Why should I bother with improving my Cybersecurity… I did not get attacked in 2015 (As Far As I Know AFAIK) So why spend even $1 more?


This is why:   Do you really think a massive criminal organization in Russia, Ukraine, or other Eastern European Country will just sit still?

Not to mention the Jihadists/radical Islamists.  everyone wants to be on the Internet and that is a good and bad thing.





We have a lot of work to do to catch up to the possibilities that the attacker can perform.


At Black Hat conferences (from 2014) the theoretical Defense versus offense  has no contest for the offense:


Things are slowly getting better – but it requires effort, and if there is none the offense will get better and you will not.


So, let’s say you agree we must get better and spend more resources.

You do a Cyberrisk analysis (we can help with this in the greater Saint Louis Area)  Then as you tick off the computer systems and databases that need to be protected

Make sure you have a NGFW – Next Gen Firewall.

Make sure you log your Network traffic, log your access to your systems, Log Log Log, then act, having log analysis tools is important.

We at Oversitesentry will do more Log analysis posts in the coming future. We MUST know what is going on. Otherwise there is only one thing that will happen in 2016 – An attack from one of the 5 criminal gangs as Kaspersky has cataloged.

cybercriminalgangs steal $1billion

The Reuters story above¹

The Criminals are going to spend millions to make more money in 2016. because they have already made million$.


You think your little world is too small? If you have a computer on the Internet then you are a target.   (think ransomware)

Even if you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on Cybersecurity, spending more than last year (or this year rather) is a step in the right direction.

Make sure that you have at least a certain visibility into your network.  That would be a good start to the New Year improvement.











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