$2 Android Security app does not actually do anything

Threatpost.com 6/6/14 news roundup has the story.


Researchers at FireEye found 5 apps on Amazon and Google Play that did not actually do anything except show  a progress bar.


we have Android Phones – and have been testing the Sophos Security on the Android –  it is an app that does clean and scans for malware on Android.


Be careful what you download onto your phone and tablet.

It was built by Mina Adib.

Blue tooth Credit Card skimmers and other skimmers steal $100k

There are also physical hacks – that can cause problems The Hacker News has an older post, and then we go down the list – pump skimmers, Bluetooth skimmer, and old fashioned ATM devices.



Fastcolabs has a video which shows where the skimmers are added (inside the pump stand – where the electronics are


That is the issue – one needs to have physical tests and reviews on all aspects of consumer access.


As VentureBeat.com has a story on an ATM  Credit card skimmer to steal $100k


What can you do? – require the places you frequent on whether they are testing their devices like a hacker would look at things.

Useful weblinks

ARIN – American registry for Internet Numbers

Whois database

SANS – (SysAdmin, Audit, Networking, Security) A private company teaching the ins and outs of security

DIG – an excellent utility to check DNS (Domain name service on the net at Kloth.net

Virustotal – An excellent online malware analysis tool (wondering if a file has malware? upload and check.

ISC – Internet Storm Center , a daily update on Security concerns on the net (run by SANS)



More to come…