passwords revealed when hacker looks at port 49152- 31,964 systems vulnerable has the details

They even did a scan to the Internet

Total Hosts responding to web requests on port 49152: 9,867,259

Vulnerable Systems: 31,964


So not all systems responding on port 49152 are Supermicro products.

they also have to return something to a “get /{SBlock”


Once you know you have a problem, how do you fix it? – you have to flash the system.

There is a temporary fix, but whenever the system reboots (power recycles) the same problem occurs.

do you have a supermicro vulnerable system?

Contact us and we can help you determine that.

Dominos Pizza in Europe got hacked – change your Password

Vocativ has the story: The hacker group Rex Mundi (or “King of the World”) is blackmailing french and Belgian  branches of Dominos

Here are Domino’s tweets recommending   customers to change passwords


Dominos is asking its customers to change passwords


“Rex Mundi has previously pulled similar stunts, demanding $20,000 from money lender group AmeriCash in 2012. When AmeriCash refused to hand over the ransom, the hackers released the data of 10,000 loan applicants online.”



P.F. Chang restaurant gets hacked

Krebsonsecurity has the story

It happened on March 2014. After the card information is harvested, they are then sold on the hacker’s black market.

It is here where the breach was found. It is not known where it happened, and how many cards were affected.

The hackers black market is not that informative.


Again we must ask you to test your computer systems, because the solution is not to go back to the 70’s:


Where the credit card slip is kept and the card will hopefully be valid.

What if your new gadget gets hacked? Even your countertop or toilet

Bloomberg has a story of potential hack

Including baby monitors – if you bought a baby monitor from foscam Digital Technologies – you need to update it.

“Some pranksters don’t need a profit motive. In April, an Ohio couple told television station Fox19 that they woke up to a strange man’s voice coming through their 10-month-old daughter’s connected baby monitor. The man was screaming obscenities and trying to awaken the baby, according to the report. “

$2 Android Security app does not actually do anything 6/6/14 news roundup has the story.


Researchers at FireEye found 5 apps on Amazon and Google Play that did not actually do anything except show  a progress bar.


we have Android Phones – and have been testing the Sophos Security on the Android –  it is an app that does clean and scans for malware on Android.


Be careful what you download onto your phone and tablet.

It was built by Mina Adib.