9/11/2015 Time to Pause & Reflect – Improbable Events Happen

14 years ago was a bad day in US history:


And it was unfortunately not predicted by anyone, there was no formula to look at and say yes we knew that was going to happen.


So remember just when you think you know your life is in a certain shape and format.


It can change in a dramatic way.


This is what is called a “Black Swan” event

Nicholas Taleb  has written a book and discussed it in many places, get used to this concept – the impact of the highly improbable event.

I recommend that you read this book:


And since the book has been out for a while (5/11/2010) many people have digested and written about it.




This is like one of those things that you have to learn on your own. Figure it out.

Most days everything is going along and everything is fine. Then something happens which was there all along, but you did not notice, and now the whole world changed. And everyone understands the new methods.

So unfortunately we get stuck, and that is the whole point of this book:

{As a mindmapper, I like Taleb’s theorem that we concentrate too much on what we know, and too little on what we do not know. }  (from the mindmapper website)

Yes and this is a Cybersecurity website – so what you know about your network and computers is not enough.

We learn things from our own experiences, and thus we are not prepared for the unknown. We can try and do what we can, but when our life is set by experience as we discussed on April, 23, 2015 http://oversitesentry.com/security-industry-one-dimensional-limited-by-experience/

That is why our security problems always come “UNEXPECTED”

and that is why we need to think outside of our comfort zone.




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