Cybersecurity Overview

Explaining the challenges of Cybersecurity: 

We only internalize what we understand – but hackers hack you no matter _your_ understanding.


I want to ask a rhetorical question: “If 22% of business does not backup their data, do you think 25% of people do not patch is accurate?”

If you do not patch and do not backup data then you will go out of business with ransomware attack. Period!


What should you do to fix this?

Everyone has to get tested and reviewed. To ensure you have done what it takes:

Tell companies you do business with:”Get the shield (Oversitesentry approved) so they can stay in business even after a Cyber Attacks.”

Look for this shield when doing business


Tell your consumer that you have done the minimum Cyberdefense (and thus you will be around even after an attack),


Print this page and hand it to them

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