Cybersecurity Overview

Explaining the challenges of Cybersecurity with  simpler methods

From our Cyberjokes blogposts 3 jokes in bold:

Hey! It compiles! Ship it!     (i.e. software is built fast to make money)   security is not in most programmers minds, deadlines are.

The computer is mightier than the pen, the sword, and usually, the programmer. (we need the computer in 2016 and the Internet)

In order to understand recursion you must first understand recursion. Understanding Cybersecurity is difficult, as the sophisticated hackers take advantage of people that don’t understand.

Explanation of recursion:

Recursion has something to do with infinity. I know recursion has something to do with infinity. I think I know recursion has something to do with infinity. He is sure I think I know recursion has something to do with infinity.¹


The above 3 jokes set up the reality of Cybersecurity. There is no such thing as 100% secure, since humans create software and we need to use the Internet in 2016 and beyond. BUT to understand Cybersecurity you must have a lot of IT knowledge and that knowledge is too difficult to convey.

And the cartoons show that the weak link will always be humans in front of computers.


We only internalize what we understand – but hackers hack you no matter _your_ understanding.

All of us need to understand the problem of Cybersecurity and spend at least 10% of time on it. Can we ever just not pay attention? I spent X$ why do we have to do more? I have a Next Gen firewall and Anti-Virus why do I have to do more?

True  Compliance requires a firewall and Anti-Virus.  But anti-Virus is not effective and a Firewall gives only so much protection.

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Use the blogposts on this site to help you convince decision makers to take pro-active steps.


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