Set-Up Proper Internet Security

While reading the ~20 blogs this morning the one from F-Secure hit home:

Elija is discussing why we should have Internet security:

The 24/7 work culture is also one reason for using the same devices both for work and for leisure. This in turn may lead to a situation where social media activities and company data and solutions, such as CRM, are handled on the same device.

To me this is obvious but it is important to develop a security policy that leads to developing a certain level of security, since we want to use our devices anywhere and with all of the requisite applications. We have to use the web browser to perform business operations as well as personal. The CRM (Customer Relations Management) application is business-critical true. And it is on the network, accessing databases which need to be kept secure. You can’t afford to lose the data, nor can it be plastered all over the Internet (like in the Sony attack).

BoWatson-office-flickr  We want to use the company CRM at home. (Bo Watson picture Flickr)

At work

POS-to-processor01-08  also cross connected to the POS system (Point Of Sale) computer.

And on the road.

dannysalas-flickrcoffeeshop in coffee shops or elsewhere.  (Danny Salas picture Flickr)


So how to create a “Secure” environment in the world that we have today?

We want to use the data that we have/need at home, at work, and on the road.

In this Qualys webcast (On BrightTALK)

The “Complete View of the Perimeter”

includes: Vulnerabilities, Open Ports, Compliance and configuration, Browsers,Passwords, web Application firewalls, SSL certificates, Malware, Web App Bugs .

Qualys means to list any aspect of the network and monitor it in their “Constant Monitor” application ability that could potentially harm the network.

Browsera It has been shown that in the last 4 years approximately a 1000 vulnerabilities had to be patched in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, Java, and Firefox.  So these issues come frequently and the constant problem is Malware as it gets introduced through the browser on your desktop.


If you could remove or reduce the threat of the browser, it would solve most of the security problems that we have.

One of my partners:

Lazerware Inc.

Lazerware uses Smart Shield technologies and the Intel NUC to create the safe office environment (or home as well).  The smart shield application properly configured will be a perfect client system that connects to the cloud. It can be configured to “reset” itself every night. So if malware did get introduced then it will be removed, since the system reverts to a standard build overnight. If all data is on the cloud, with email and CRM apps running on the cloud, there is no need for specific client configuration besides what is  in the user profile.

centurionsmartshield_package  IntelNUC-Lazerware  The NUC is only as big as a DSL modem box, 4.25″ x 4.25″ by 1.5″  So it is not very big, it has a SSD hard drive, so it can be configured as a standard PC if so desired.

This is also a perfect environment to be PCI compliant.

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