Disaster Recovery – Backups – also a Cybersecurity must

Why discuss backups and Disaster Recovery on a Cybersecurity topic?

Because what is the worst thing that can happen to your  computer data?

Oh yes ransomware will encrypt data and the only way to unencrypt is to pay the criminals. Of course there is no guarantee that after you pay the criminals the unencryption will happen without any flaws.

So what is your only solution? If you ask me the criminals with their Ransomware are forcing us to use proper IT processes and activities.  Make sure and use your Backup that you have with the backup written process so that way you are not creating something new, just recovering from a standard IT problem with data a backup is required.

So really we should have a backup and recovery process and procedure no matter what, and especially since more and more ransomware is making the pain of failure so much higher.

And ransomware is not going away, criminals are making more of them, more sophisticated with affecting more PC’s (Petya ransomware story at digitaltrends.com). After petya notpetya was developed to make more money for the criminal enterprise.

The bottom line is you better create a disaster recovery process with backups and more for a real disaster and not just a ransomware disaster.

In my eyes the ransomware stories that are out there are creating more need for the disaster recovery procedures you should have.

What exactly are you waiting for? Why take the chance every day that you are going to click on something that will inevitably  link you to one of the ransomware outbreaks in the world?

Imagine revolving a gun barrel of a number of barrels (like a 100 or 500) depends on your risk and impact level. 500barrel RiskGun   If something happens out of your control the RiskGun fires and you get ransomware.

Contact me to discuss how I can review your processes and procedures to ensure your business will whether any storm.